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color-wheel-300As a graphic designer and digital scrapbook designer, I am always looking for new color schemes and new ways to identify colors. One of my favorite sites for finding colors is Adobe’s Kuler.  It is an incredible resource for anyone who designs.

How do I use it?  Let me tell you a story! (I’m from Texas, we are always telling stories!) Recently a client sent me a picture of a painting she has hanging in her office. She loves the colors and wants to see if we can incorporate those colors into her website.  No problem! I pull up Adobe’s Kuler site and go to work.  In minutes I can have a full color scheme using the colors from the painting.

One of my clients is a lawyer, when working on his site he told me he loves the colors of law books.  Perfect!  I go to google, do a search for photos of law books, import it into Kuler and viola! A color scheme is born.

It’s free and easy to use. Check it out here.

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