The Square

July 1, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Technology never ceases to amaze me (both the phenomenal ways it positively impacts our lives and the disturbing things people do to others utilizing technology).  This is fortunate for me since I spend most of my day working with people’s shopping carts and websites.  Today was no different.

Today, I went with my Mom and my youngest to the Farmer’s Market.  I meant to drive by an ATM to grab some cash but managed to not see a single ATM on my way to the market.  Farmer’s Markets are one of the few places these days where the currency is primarily dollar bills and coins!  Oh the horror!

As I browsed from vendor to vendor sampling the goodies – I even sampled peach ketchup which wasn’t entirely awful but that’s another story – I decided I needed the yummy black pepper goat cheese enough to borrow some cash from my Mom.  However, to my delight I saw their “We accept Credit Cards” sign.  I whipped out my debit card and the cheese guy whipped out his iphone and “The Square”.

Here’s the amazing part, this little 1″ square device swipes my card, asks me to sign the screen of his phone with my finger and requests either my cell phone or email address.  And……..Viola!  Before the cheese is even in my bag a receipt has been texted to my phone.

It’s amazing to me the number of ways that technology impacts our lives!  Less than a few years ago, I would have sadly left the cheese behind kicking myself because I forgot to bring some cash.  Today, in a matter of seconds, I’ve paid for it, received a receipt and been awed in the process.

The cheese was super yummy.  Technology is amazing.  Life is good.

P.S.  If you are interested in finding out more about The Square – check it out here-  (No affiliate link, just a plain ‘ole link to their site)

P.P.S.  The peach ketchup was somewhat like Peach Butter just less sweet and with more of a kick.  Give it a try sometime.