Mutual Respect is Key to VA-Client Relationships

January 14, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Yesterday I received a phone call from a client who simply called to tell me that she has my invoice and hasn’t forgotten about it.  She’s a very good client and pays my invoices in a timely manner so truthfully, I really wasn’t very concerned.  She explained that she is waiting for a very large payment from one of her clients that has delayed her personal bills as well as my invoice.

Why do I mention this? Because I so appreciate her show of respect for me, my business and family needs.  As business owners  and entrepreneurs, we understand that things happen. Most of us have experienced this first hand ourselves. Not only did she show me respect, she also saved me time and energy. I didn’t spend time sending an email asking if she had received it or to send a 2nd invoice. Also, I didn’t spend any energy worrying about it.  Now I can manage my expectations and cash flow accordingly.

The few minutes it took her to call me, tell me  that she has my invoice and that it is a priority meant so much to me.

Mutual respect is so important to a healthy Client-Virtual Assistant relationship. Without mutual respect it is very easy for resentment to build up, poor communication and ultimately contract termination.

Whether you are a VA or work with a VA, take the extra minute and make that phone call. It will go miles toward a productive and profitable relationship for all parties.